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The video services offered by Mizugameza encompass a wide range. We can manage your entire project, or just one component of it, such as the filming or editing. While we are based in the Cape Town, South Africa and serve many clients here, we also work and travel throughout the Africa and even collaborate on international video productions.


Our video services include filming at conferences, event videos, fundraising videos, marketing videos, animated videos, training videos and many others. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to determine the best way to convey your message through our video production services.






We make it easy for you. Only 5 Steps to prepare for a video production consultation.


Brainstorm video Ideas For Your Business


Since there are so many types of videos (promo video, motion graphics, e-commerce, marketing, viral videos. etc) it’s a good idea to think of what you’re wanting to produce. If you have a large business you might want a company overview video which details the nature of your business. If your company has a particular produce that is sold online or in stores you could benefit from a product e-commerce video. Maybe you need a video produced from an event you were featured at, for your marketing department. All of these video ideas and more should be considered before speaking with a video production company.


Find Videos You Like


When you’re first starting off, there must have been a video that you watched or were told about that made you interested. Find that video and see if your company can benefit from a video like it. If not, browse around the web or ask your friends or social networks, for videos that they like. Once you have a few recommendations, write down the qualities and aspects that you like and don’t like. This will be your Pros/Cons list. This is very important for helping a production company understand what you’re looking for.


Determine Your Budget Range


This element alone can determine many aspects of your video. Take notice that I said budget range not budget. When you’re trying to get the most amazing video you must be ready to make an investment. Beautiful and well scripted videos take a lot of work and video production companies will need to have a budget to work with. You can estimate how much a video production will cost by reading over our 3 part series regarding video production cost (part 1, part 2, part 3).


What’s Your Timeline?


How much time do you have to produce your video? Do you want to wait until next quarter? Need your video complete in 30 days for a trade show? This is important so that a production company can tell you whether your video production goals are realistic or not. There could be restrictions on the location you would like to film, the talent you would like to hire, or the season for your setting. Be very open during your dialogue with the video production company so that they have a clear understanding of your time-frame goals.




Stay Open Minded


This is last but not least. You can learn a lot about video from video production experts. We always want to inform and educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions. It’s important that you take everything in when you speak with the consultant. Obviously, you don’t know everything about video since you’re contacting a consultant in the first place, but be ready to absorb a lot of information.




So for you to be ready for your first video production consultation, you’ll need to brainstorm ideas, find example videos you like, determine your budget, decide your timeline, and be ready to learn a lot. If you do these things, you’ll receive the most benefit from speaking with a video consultant. Click here to learn more about our video production capabilities.






The director is typically the most involved person on and off set. They assist with assembling the right crew to get the job done. They make adjustments to the script to keep the video on budget and on time. They oversee all parts of the production.






Corporate Photography – We capture the unique atmosphere of each corporate event and your photographs will be used for years to come.


Cinematography – Our professional camera crew use the most advanced video and audio equipment.  The post-production services include editing, voice-overs, video encoding



Corporate Videography can for example, include businesses using advanced aerial drone equipment to do stock taking in large warehouses, especially when boxes are very hard to reach and time consuming.  In addition, auditing costs can be massive, and the drone can save thousands of rands.



aerial drones are available as part of a number of packages, and work particularly well at outdoor occasions and weddings.  Capturing action videos, such as at sporting events, is also particularly impressive.